Amanda Winnemuller is a mixed media artist, currently based in Switzerland and the Netherlands. She graduated from AKV St.Joost, Fine Arts Department working with print media and painting. She is interested in craftsmanship and analog techniques as well as combining science and art. Researching posthumanism, memorie and the growing of human characteristics in her drawings and photographs.

Holding a Master degree in art policy and the business of art, she decided to her put focus on analyzing the cultural context and ethical debate surrounding bio-art and its possibility to question the human position. She is interested in posthumanism and biotechnologies.

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///news 25-05-2022

Pakje kunst has been installed and is working! For the little amount of 4 euro’s you can support your local artist and buy a surprise artwork.

Find platte kunst @iederzijnvak


///news 26-05-2021

It has been slow but steady over here. I Am working on some new zines and expanding my drawing skills. I will be updating my website soon!

Enjoy the spring weather!

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