Is a project created by Eef Schoolmeesters. In order to stimulate artist to take the time to try something else. In this project, questions regarding artistic research, experiment, documentation and presentation are key. In this model, the artist and their process form the focal point. Partaking is open to all visual artists, no matter how professional or new their practice is or where they physically reside.

The participants themselves choose which aspect of their work is interesting to subject to this experiment, which they will work with during the upcoming 168 Hours. The project is about taking risks, doing research, all within a limited time frame – but it also is about having fun along the way, as there can be no failure!

168 Hours I worked on developing a new style of working for myself. Working in one sketchbook, to push my limits and overcome the struggle I have with ‘the ugly’. 168 hours I used things around me for inspiration. 168 Hours, i have tried to incorporate post human philosophy into my artistic work, drawing inspiration from texts. 168 Hours I have worked and lived in a small apartment in Carouge (CH), no atelier, no workspace not a lot of materials. Just me, my pencils, crayons and posca markers on the table.